"If it makes you less sad we’ll start talking again. You can tell me how vile I already know that i am”


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It has to happen today I have no choice but it’s going to happen right now. RIGHT NOW

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She left and she’s never coming back

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Die Suhil

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I want to kill myself, I’m pretty sure she has her sights on someone else now

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Anonymous: what do you think about your ex now? do you hate her? maybe she found a new boy


I don’t know what she’s doing in her life. Maybe, she already found a new guy to love but what can I do? I can’t do anything… She was my everything and still. I don’t like calling her ex or something like that. She has name and she is not the girl who was just a ex or a girlfriend to me, she surely meant it more than anything. I want her to be happy with or without me.

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